After filling out the information below we will contact you to investigate if volunteerism with our foundation is the right choice for you.  When you volunteer with the Volta Childrens Foundation you get an opportunity to plan and execute your own volunteer project.  Before coming to Ghana with us the volunteer is expected to chose a project (big or small) and raise money for that project.  It can be as simple as painting the classrooms at school or it can be a large scale project like raising money to build a chicken coope ($4000.00) or for computers for the school.

When in country you will travel with McKenzie (president of the company) and our in country guide Godsway.  Depending on the year there may also be anothe board member Lori (McKenzies Mom) traveling with you.  You will land in Accra, travel to Pando and live in the orphanage with the children.  This is a total emersion experience.  Your days will be spent at the school or doing projects and your nights will be spent with the children at the orphanage.  We bring craft projects and ideas for yoga and educational materials for evening entertainment.   Cultural experiences for the volunteer are worked into the trip during the planning statges in the year prior to the volunteer time period.  Some cultural experiences availible are; food tour of Accra, the bead making factory, visiting a monkey reserve, and the African art market.

It is important to note; this is not a vacation.  It is an emersion experience and a volunteer trip.  The advantage of coming with us vs a large company is cost and experience.  For cost we aks the volunteer to pay for theirairfare, accomodations in Accra, cultural experiences and food.  A 2 week experience costs approximately $3500.  The specifics of the cost are fully transparent and are likely to change dependent on the cultuaral experiences chosen and the cost of airfare.