Help us ensure that the vulnerable children in Tsito village get the education they deserve regardless of their situation at home.

Tsito village is a small village outside of Ho, the capital city of the Volta Region.  Tsito is one of the lesser developed villages in the area, and so is home to many needy children.

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In 2018, the Volta Children’s Foundation visited Tsito and saw first hand the need that was there. While there, our staff met with Madam Dorris and Sir Kinglsey, a couple doing amazing work to help develop Tsito and ensure education for the vulnerable children in the area. The pair started a group called food for Christ which helps to support these needy children.
Madam Dorris grew up an orphan in the village of Tsito and at age twelve she promised herself and God that if she was successful enough in life, she would dedicate herself to helping other children who are forced to grow up in the same situations that she was. In her own words Dorris believes “all children need to be given equal rights to enable them to realize their dreams, irrespective of their background. I want to help in erasing the notion; ‘I’m nobody’, ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’m all alone in this world’. It is this self-pity and lack of confidence in the minds of the under privileged and their unwillingness to face the challenges ahead that continues the cycle of poverty and needing”. Now married to Sir Kinglsey and living in Accra making a living working at a pure water plant, Dorris and Kinglsey have committed themselves to paying 67 village kids school tuitions. This includes paying their school fees, their uniforms, textbooks, feeding fees so they can eat lunch at school, and often times supporting the children’s lives in a variety of other ways. One of their favorite things to do with the children is hold special dinners and celebrations for the holidays so that the children learn their culture and are able to have fun for a night free of the pressures that belonging to an impoverished family imposes on them.
Dorris and Kinglsey have their own kids and their own living fees to worry about as well, and they still feel they have not stretched their hands far enough or wide enough to touch all the souls they want to help. Seeing the amazing work and dedication that this couple has shown to a community that is so in need inspired the Volta Children’s foundation to enter into a partnership with the couple and help to pay the school fees and living fees of the children of Tsito.
In the future, as our partnership grows, we hope we will be able to build a common area where the children can come to study, equipped with books, shelving, art supplies, tutors, and anything else the children may need. It is Dorris’ dream to be able to one day open her own school where any child can come for free and get a solid education to help them reach their full potential. She is even aspiring to open her own children’s home along with the school in order to offer a home to the children who are forced to grow up as orphans in a poverty ridden community.
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Some of the supported children in Tsito for their annual christmas celebration, 2016