By sponsoring a child, you let that child know that someone, somewhere, cares deeply about their success and well-being.


Sponsoring a child for $35 a month provides that child with three nutritious meals a day, a basic education, health insurance, school supplies, and school uniforms as well as clothes to wear outside of school. Because we don’t want any child at Missahoe to be penalized for not being sponsored, all funds are pooled into one account that cares for all of the children at the home collectively.

Because Missahoe also provides free education, school supplies, feeds and clothes other vulnerable children in the village, those children are also eligible for monthly sponsorship. Their individual information will be released to the sponsor at the time of the initiation of sponsorship.


Potential sponsors are able to scroll through photos and profiles of the children who reside at Missahoe orphanage or who get a free education and other care from the home (below). Once a child is selected that you would like to sponsor, you will be prompted to set up a monthly auto deposit of $35 monthly which will be withdrawn from your account on the 17th of every month.

Once you have sponsored a child you will be able to exchange letters and photos back and forth with that child. You will also receive updates on that child’s grades, accomplishments, and general well-being from our staff. Because we are a family based charity, we are willing to personalize sponsorship relationships to fit the needs of both sponsors and the sponsored child within reason-so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions/make suggestions!

Emmanuel, 8

Emmanuel is a sweet and funny young man. Emmanuel was brought to Missahoe in early 2019 because his family could no longer afford to take care of him. Emmanuel, or Emma as we like to call him, is a very bright young man. He speaks four languages fluently, and is currently learning a fifth. Emmanuel is sweet and loves to hang out with volunteers. He has lots of questions about the world outside of Ghana, and is eager to continue learning about the world. When he grows up, Emma wants to become a pilot so he is able to see different places in the world and learn about all the different cultures.

Emmanuel is not eligible for sponsorship as he has been sponsored already

Sponsor Emmanuel!

Sena, 9

Sena is the firecracker of Missahoe orphanage!  A zealous fourth grader, Sena is always ready to soak up all the action and loves to be the head of all the activities going on around her.  She is friendly, adorable, and has a sparklingly loud personality.  Sena was brought to the home by her mother when she was two years old where we accepted her with open arms.  She now excels academically and socially, and chooses to sport her awesome hairdo instead of the shaved head like most other Ghanaian children.  We know that Sena has the spunk and strong willed personality to change the world one day!

Sponsor Sena!

Richmond, 13

Meet Richmond, our 13 year old little love! Richmond was brought to Missahoe by a friend of the foundation in September of 2020. Richmond’s mother died of breast cancer in late 2019.  His father was found homeless, abusing drugs, and living on the side of the road with Richmond and his brother Nana, who is also now living at Missahoe. Our friend took interest in the case and worked hard to find the best living options for the whole family. Friends and family helped fundraise to find Richmond and Nana’s father a safe space of his own, and the decision was made to move the children to Missahoe home.  Richmond’s father is still involved and comes to visit, but knew he was not able to provide for the boys on his own.  Richmond had never attended school when he came to us, but is excited to get started with learning.   Richmond suffers from medical complications that our team is working on fundraising for.  Richmond has untreated spina bifida, resulting in a mass on his lower back that is dangerously exposed.  He has deformations in his legs as well that prohibit him from being able to walk.  We are awaiting test results to determine whether or not the nerves in his legs work properly  in order to decide which treatment options will suite Richmond the best. Due to Richmond’s medical complications, his sponsorship is $75 a month instead of the typical $35.  The reason for this is, the extra money is being invested in an account that will eventually cover Richmond’s treatments.

sponsor Richmond!

Vanessa, 23

Vanessa is one of the sweetest and most kind hearted people that we have ever met.  She is personable, funny and extremely helpful with caring for the kids.  Vanessa has grown up most of her life at Missahoe.  She was brought to the home with four of her siblings, all who have since left the home.  The five children were brought to the home after the death of their father.  They never knew their mother so when their father passed away the children were passed on to various family members.  The family was trying to force the kids to practice voodoo-a common practice in the northern regions of Ghana.  An aunt realized the children’s unwillingness to practice the voodoo worship, so she snuck them away and brought them to Missahoe so they could attend school.  Vanessa still lives at the home and is awaiting funds to complete her university education.

Being older, Vanessa attends university for the majority of the year, participating in secondary education closer to the capital city allows Vanessa greater access to the post system, allowing you to exchange letters with her more frequently, if you choose to support.

Sponsor Vanessa

Bertha, 13

Bertha and her younger sister Bella have been at Missahoe since they were very young. Their mother is handicapped and was unable to care for them and was relying heavily on their grandmother for help.  Their grandmother was too old to be caring for two babies so the pair were brought to Missahoe.  Despite her situation, Bertha is an outgoing, impossibly happy little girl.  She is one of the older girls at the home, so she has taken on a natural leadership role and is always helpful around the house. Bertha quickly becomes a favorite among visitors to the home because of her friendly and welcoming nature and her outgoing personality. We can’t wait to support her strength and to watch her grow into the powerful woman we can already see she will become.

Bertha is not eligible for sponsorship as she has been sponsored already.

Christian, 15

Christian is our strong boy at the home.  He is always willing to help with tasks that Mama Mawusi isn’t strong enough to do on her own.  Christian and his brother Daniel lost both of their parents in a tragic incident of domestic violence.  Christian was just two months old at the time, so he has lived most of his life at Missahoe.  Christian is kind and helpful, but has struggled in the past with coming to terms with his situation.  We are so proud of him for working as hard as he does and we cannot wait to see the person he will become one day.

Sponsor Christian

Desmond, 5

Little Desmond was brought to Missahoe children’s home when he was just two years old.  Desmond is one of our smallest children, and also one of the most loving.  Desmond always wants to be holding volunteers hands and is always the first to jump into your arms after a long day of work.  He was brought to the home because his  father denied his mother’s pregnancy and left the responsibility to his mother.  His mom tried to care for him but fell seriously ill and remains ill to this day so social services brought him to Missahoe to give him a better life.  Our little Desmond is a talented singer and one day he dreams that he can make a career out of it!

Desmond is not currently available for sponsorship as he has already been sponsored.

Mercey, 10

Mercy is one of the many beauty queens of our home-just look at that smile! Mercy is growing up here at Missahoe with her big sister Fransisca.  The two were abandoned at a young age and were brought to Missahoe by social services.    Mercy is now excelling in school and is very helpful to Mama Mawusi around the house. She is happy being at Missahoe and loves having a big family where there is always children to play with. She also has many friends at school. One of Mercey’s favorite things to do is to climb the big mango tree behind the orphanage and grab a snack for her and her friends.


Mercey is not currently available for sponsorship as she has been sponsored already.

Nana, 3

Meet our baby of the home, Nana.  Nana is a three year old boy brought to Missahoe with his brother Richmond in August of 2020.  Nana and Richmond’s mother died tragically of breast cancer.  Their father found himself homeless, with a drug abuse issue, and no way to provide for the boys.  A friend of ours found them in the capital city and felt it was his calling to help the family.  This friend fundraised with his friends and family to get a safe space for the father.  The kids were brought to Missahoe in order to have a safe place where they can be properly cared for and nurtured. Nana is our sweet baby.  He loves being held by the girls in the home and being carried at their backs.  He is attending school for the first time at Missahoe and was extremely proud of his uniform.


Nana is not able to be sponsored at this time as he has already been sponsored.

Bella, 11

Bella is here at Missahoe with her big sister Bertha.    Being smaller definitely doesn’t stop her bursting personality from shining through though!  The two girls  were brought to Missahoe orphanage when they were one year old because their mother was handicapped and couldn’t take care of them.  Their grandmother had tried to take care of them but was too old to keep up with two busy little girls.  Bella is a bright little girl who  naturally has a motherly sense.  She can always be found with one of the nursery school kids on her back or caring for another younger kid and making sure they are taken care of.  We are sure when she grows up our Bella will be the best mom there is. Bella is also very intelligent. She consistently places at the top in her class and is always eager to learn new things. When she grows up, Bella dreams of becoming a flight attendant and seeing the world.

Sponsor Bella!

Erika, 14

Meet our beautiful and sassy Erika.  She is sweet and spicy all in one.  A hard working student and helpful hand around the house, Erika is looking for someone who she can form a friendship with and who might support her through secondary school, as she has almost completed junior high school.  Erica has been here at Missahoe since she was just a little girl.  She was brought here with her older brother Prosper who grew up in the home and has since moved out.  She is always excited to see hime when he comes to visit her.

Sponsor Erika!

Comfort, 12

Comfort is one of our quieter kids, but has the sweetest and most welcoming personality once she gets comfortable with you.  Comfort was brought here with her two older brothers Richard and Michael.  Their mother was very young and their father was an older pastor, who left her alone with six children to marry another woman.  Their mother did not treat the kids properly which is why Missahoe has taken them in.  Comfort came to the home when she was two years old, so most of her memories are here.  She is currently in class six and is one of the top students in her class. Our sweet and cuddly Comfort is sure to steal any heart that she comes by!


Comfort is not currently eligible for sponsorship as she has already been sponsored.

Augustine, 9

Our sweet Augustine is the clown of the home.  He is always laughing or making another one of the kids laugh. He can usually be found in a tree, looking for mangos or pears or building himself a fort.   He keeps the mood of the home light and happy despite the hard days.  Augustine was brought to Missahoe with his brother Raphael because their biological parents split up and they were in need of protection and more stability.  Raphael has since left the home.  Augustine is truly a joy to be around and a favorite among volunteers who visit the home.

Sponsor Augustine

Landrea, 23

Landrea is sweet and kind and puts his heart into everything he does.  He is older, but has grown up his whole life at Missahoe and will always call it home.  Landrea is currently in trade school learning how to do construction and he says that for his first big project he wants to build a beautiful palace for all of the Missahoe children to live in with everything they could ever need.  Landrea helps to care for the boys and acts as a father figure to them in some ways.  We are truly so lucky to have such a helpful and kind man looking out for our boys and helping them whenever they need.


Landrea is not currently available for sponsorship as he has already been sponsored.

Titi, 20

Meet Titi (tee-tee).  Titi is Mama Mawusi’s biological child.  Despite growing up with her mother she still grew up in the orphanage as if she was one of the other kids.  Titi is gentle and kind to everyone she meets and always makes new kids at the home feel safe and welcome.  She is motherly by nature and loves to care for babies.  Right now Titi helps out at the school with the nursery school aged children and is hoping she can go to school to be a teacher one day.


Titi currently has a sponsor, so she is not eligible for sponsorship at this time.

Fransisca, 12

Fransisca is a quiet, shy young lady who is very sweet and soft spoken.  She is here with her younger sister Mercy-the two were abandoned when they were very young.  The girls were discovered by social services and brought to Missahoe where they both began thriving.  Francesca is a hard worker with a quiet and gentle nature about her.  She is shy around new comers but always shows interest and geniune care for all other around her. She is a natural caretaker and looks after the other girls in the house. We can’t wait to continue watching her grow into the amazing young woman we know she will become.

Sponsor Franscisca