Monarch Foundation

Monarch Story

The Monarch butterflies are in deep trouble. Over the past few decades this specie of butterflies has declined by more than 90%. We at the Monarch Foundation aim to reverse this disturbing trend and make sure that this gorgeous butterfly has a secure future.

Like all other butterflies, monarchs too lay their eggs on selected plants known as ‘host plants.’ These are the only plants their caterpillars can feed on, and when it comes to Monarchs, milkweed is the only host plant they lay their eggs on. Unluckily, milkweed is becoming extremely difficult for monarchs to fund.

In spite of being ecologically important, there are many who consider milkweed as a weed which needs to be eradicated, both in agricultural and urban lands. As we wipe away milkweed, monarchs suffer an appalling fate. Even when milkweed is not targeted specifically, the Monarch habitat is being gobbled up by rapid development. Moreover, are also being directly affected by the use of pesticides. This along with threats the butterflies’ overwintering grounds in California and Mexico, has resulted in the swift decline of the Monarch’s population in North America.

There is still hope for the monarch if we act now! We’re taking up on this challenge and need your help. Join the effort and make a significant difference for the monarchs!