Missahoe Orphanage and Montessori School

Missahoe Orphanage is an orphanage located in Kpando, a small village in the Volta region of Ghana.

The Missahoe orphanage was started by Mama Mawusi Dotse in 2003. Mawusi did not plan on, or set out to run an orphanage. She was visiting Kpando on holiday when she heard children crying late at night. Following the sounds of the cries, she discovered 2 abandoned children alone in the night. Mawusi tool them in and brought them to social services int eh morning. Social services confirmed they were children in need but also confirmed they did not have resources to support these children. They asked Mawusi to keep the children in her care, and she agreed to do so.
In caring for these children Mawusi signed them up for school. Soon after beginning school these 2 children came home with additional children who also needed care and wanted an education. Mawusi again brought those children to social services and again was asked to care for them. And so, began the Missahoe Orphanage. As work traveled that Mawusi was caring for and providing education for children, more and more children began being dropped off by social services and by families who could no longer care for their children. Without hesitation Mawusi took in each of these children. She loves them, she keeps them safe, helps them adjust and provides food and education.

As time went forward, the children began reporting they were being teased at school. They were teased for having special needs and they were teased for being orphaned. Because Mawusi did not want her charges to be subjected to additional trauma. She also believed there might be a better way to teach children; more interactive and less route memorization. Thus, the Misshoe Montessori School was established.
Today the Misshoe Montessori school houses approximately 400 children. Students are welcome to attend school whether they have the means to pay school fees or not. Mawusi allows children who can not pay the fees to attend the school. She believes all children have a right to an education regardless of the circumstances they were born into.
In 2018 McKenzie Solo (founder of VCF) and a board member Lori Solo (Treasurer of VCF) traveled to Ghana in search of an orphanage to support. It is on this trip that they were introduced to Mama Mawusi and her mission. The bond was immediate and palpable.


Mama Mawusi, founder and director of Misshahoe children's home and school.