Long term projects

Purchasing a van- With the purchase of a van, we can provide transportation to school as well as income to the orphanage. Currently all the children infants to high school aged walk to school. This is several miles. All the children have school bags and the older children often have to carry the younger children. For students who often have little to eat, this mile-long trek to school can have a negative impact on their ability to learn. In the rainy season this ling walk to school often means a day of wet clothing or a day of missed school.
In Ghana it is common for a person with a license to “rent” a vehicle for the day to be used as a taxi. In this way the van can be used as an income generating item during the school day when the children are in class.
Kio pond or chicken coop-With a limited budget, providing nutritious meals for the children at the Missahoe Orphanage can be a challenge. Building a Kio pond or chicken coop is a long-term project that can provide protein for the children in the form of eggs or fish. These eggs and fish can also be sold to the villages as an additional income generating item.

Children in Ghana are required to pay school fees, and purchase uniforms to attend public schools. This comes as a hardship to many families and certainly adds cost to supporting the children at the Missahoe Orphanage. All donations to this account support the childrens in their quest to become literate and educated in support of a brighter future.