Sponsoring an education helps ensure a brighter more stable future for the children we support.

The funds cycled through this forum go towards the Tsito village educational fund.  This fund provides school fees and all the needed school supplies for 67 children living in Tsito village in the Volta region of Ghana.  At the check out you may make a one time donation of any amount you are comfortable making, or you can set up a monthly payment plan in which a set amount is donated monthly to the scholarship fund.

Your generous donation could…

Provide necessary books for our schollars.

Send one child to school for one year.

Cover a child’s feeding fees.

Pay a child’s tuition for primary, junior high, or high school.

The total cost to send these children to school is $215 monthly or $2,580.  Donations of any amount help and are given directly to the children so that they are immediately able to start attending school.

Please note: this program is not live yet, we are awaiting our account to be approved for these kids. We will keep you updated on the progress!

Two Tsito village girls enjoying a special Christmas meal.