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Our vision as a charity is to Help raise the next generation of Ghanaians to be self-confident, self-sufficient and successful.

Our Mission

1. The Mission of the Volta Children foundation is to provide infrastructure, financial support and income generating projects to the communities we serve. In the short term we strive to provide financial support for more nutritious food, a clean and safe living structure, school uniforms and school fees. Each child deserves clothes to wear, books to learn from and food that provides nutrition to grow and learn. Our vision includes a safe building with a bed for each child, and a community area for studying and where meals can be shared. Each child shall have health insurance and healthcare. This is accomplished through child sponsorship and fund raising.
Children in the town of Tsito-For the communities we support, it is a focus of our mission to see that all the vulnerable children in the village are attending school; the means providing the needed books, uniforms and school fees

2. Empower the children we work with to become the person they want to be and achieve their dreams regardless of the situations they were born into.

3. Support the education, nutrition, living conditions, and development of career goals for all the children we serve.

4. Provide infrastructure and sustainability programs to our partnered homes to knock out poverty in Ghana one step at a time.

5. To help raise our children to become empowered humans who are aware of their immense worth and who are not afraid to help change the world.

We Need Your Help

Giving to The Volta Childrens foundation is a personal choice, and as such we believe our donors should choose how they want their donations allocated. Below you will find details of each of our donation choices; support of the children in the Missahoe orphanage, support for the education of the Missahoe children and the children of Tsito, and lastly support for the larger projects, clean water, a van and chicken coop or koi pond for protein in the diet.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child- When you choose to sponsor a specific child in the Missahoe orphanage you choose to support all the children of the orphanage. When you chose a recurring sponsorship of $35 a month your donation will be used for food, electricity, medicine and appropriate clothing and supplies. Sponsorships are pooled and shared. As a collective group, the sponsorship funds are used as the monthly budget for food, electricity, books and other needs of daily living.

Education Fund

Education Fund- When you chose to donate to our education fund you chose to provide school fees, uniforms, a nutritious lunch and books, pencils and notebooks to the children of Tsito as well as in the Missahoe Montessori School.

Long term projects

Long term project fund-Long term projects are items and ideas that require larger amounts of fund raising. Many are self-sustaining and once purchased/completed will provide long term financial support in the form of income for the children of the Missahoe Orphanage and school. Included in our long-term vision are acquiring a van, building a Koi pond or chicken coop and providing much needed repairs to the Montessori school


We Help Many People

Want to Become a Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer for VCF we have a multitude of sectors you can become involved in both states side as well as in Ghana with the children we support. Please fill in the below fields and one of our staff members will be in contact with you to establish if we are a good fit for your skill set.


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